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At Pureflow, we offer a full range of validation services for new or existing air and water systems.

Post installation, a thorough, professional validation on a new system by an experienced team can ensure that it is working well and to specification. A validation may also be required on an existing system if it has been lying dormant for some time or if the building has been substantially altered and if now different in size or shape from when the original system was commissioned. Significant changes to a building’s floor plan can impact on an air or water system’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Our validation service follows a logical, step-by-step plan to check all aspects of the system. This starts with a visual inspection but also includes the physical testing of flow rates, pressures, equipment condition, functionality and much more.

We can sample closed water systems for microbiological and chemistry levels, and domestic water systems for drinking water or legionella.

We produce detailed reports based on the data that we have collected and this allows us to identify parts of the system that are not running as efficiently as they should. A well-balanced system will help reduce your on-going costs but also increase the life of your system by ensuring no part is over working and compensating for other components.

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